The following are useful links to websites of government’s bodies in Vietnam that a business should know:

  1. Vietnam Government Portal (Vietnamese, English and Chinese)
  2. Ministry of Planning and Investment (Vietnamese & English)
  3. Ministry of Finance (Vietnamese & English)
  4. General Department of Taxation (Vietnamese & English)
  5. General Department of Customs (Vietnamese & English)
  6. Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department (Vietnamese)
  7. Hanoi Tax Department (Vietnamese)
  8. Vietnam Tax Consultants Association (Vietnamese)
  9. Where to search for a taxpayer’s information (tax code etc.)
  10. To search for a company’s information (scope of business, tax ID etc.) on national company’s register in Vietnamese or in English
  11. To check or verify a tax invoice or a company’s tax compliance status
  12. For a company – To register an online tax account and conduct online tax transactions (tax filing, tax payment, checking tax debts, tax payment status, penalties etc.)
  13. For an individual, to register an online tax account and conduct online tax transactions, for individuals
  14. For individual’s personal income tax finalisation in Ho Chi Minh City
  15. Vietnamese accounting legislation | (
  16. For online filing and administration of statutory insurance contribution in Vietnamese or in English
  17. Vietnam tax treaties (with around 80 countries)
  18. For research of laws and regulations in Vietnamese or in English
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