Tax Services

Tax Services

A business will only maximise its potential if it is built on solid foundations and grows sustainably.  We believe that managing tax affairs proactively and effectively makes a critical difference. We can provide you with the technical knowledge and experience you need to help you achieve your business goals. We tailor our advice to your needs, from planning through implementation, to maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Proper compliance with tax laws contributes to sustainable successes.  Tax strategies that align with your business strategies and embrace changes are crucial to sustainable growth. You can leverage on our accumulated technical expertise, extensive hands-on experience and excellent working relationships with the tax authorities to reduce inefficiencies, mitigate risks, make the most of opportunities, and build strategies for sustainable growth. We strive to provide the service quality that is tailored to your needs or exceed your expectations.

  • Corporate Tax

Modern business strategies must balance business objectives in a changing regulatory environment. Our Corporate Tax Services are designed to meet your corporate tax compliance and advisory needs by combining technical knowledge with practical, commercial and accumulated industry experience. Our team draw on their diverse perspectives, skills and experience, to deliver advice that is seamlessly tailored to your business. We provide various corporate tax services that are tailored to your needs, ranging from planning, implementation, re-structuring, to exit strategies.

  • Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes in Vietnam include Value Added Tax (VAT), Special Sales Tax (SST) and customs duties.  These taxes can result in significant impacts on the supply chain and the financial results of a business. They can have significant impacts on pricing, cash flow, absolute costs and risk exposures, therefore they must be managed accurately.

We can help you deal effectively with your indirect tax issues, include advising on the implications of VAT, SST, customs duties of new and complex transactions and helping resolve disputes or issues with the tax or customs authorities. We also can assist in identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes, helping you meet your tax obligations and achieve possible competitive advantages through indirect tax planning. We can assist you in developing robust documentation systems and processes to improve your indirect tax reporting, reducing systematic errors and costs, and ensuring proper handling of indirect taxes. We can also support full or partial VAT compliance outsourcing and review your compliance with bookkeeping and invoicing requirements.

  • Transaction Tax

Every transaction has tax implications, whether it is an acquisition, sale, refinancing, restructuring or initial public offering. Understanding and planning for these implications can mitigate transaction risk, enhance opportunity and provide crucial negotiation insights. By coupling our extensive cross-border transaction experience with local tax knowledge across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, we can help you make informed decisions and navigate the tax implications of your transactions.

As each transaction has a unique profile, we can advise you throughout the transaction life cycle, from initial due diligence through post-deal implementation. Our team deploys a consistent approach to provide you with a coordinated understanding of the relevant tax issues. We will recommend structuring or re-structuring alternatives to balance investor’s priorities, promote exit readiness and help maximising prospective earnings, cash flows, and opportunities for improved investment returns.

  • International Tax

In cross-border environment, companies are often operating in an environment of intense scrutiny, challenge and constant changes. Transactions, inter-company pricing, supply chains, structuring and funding are under constant scrutiny by the tax authority. More than ever, they are looking to align their global tax position with their overall business strategy, to be competitive and provide value to shareholders.

We can help you manage your local business tax burden by uncovering opportunities, managing local tax risks and meeting cross-border reporting obligations. We can work with your regional and global tax directors to manage local tax issues ranging from forward planning, through withholding tax reporting, dealing with transfer pricing issues, to seeking tax treaty protection. We can help you build proactive local tax strategies that align with your global tax strategies and help achieve sustainable growth.

  • Transfer Pricing and TESCM

Inter-company and cross-border transactions, pricing, supply chains, structuring and financing are attracting increasing attention by tax authorities. More than ever, transfer pricing and tax efficient supply chain management (TESCM) that supports the business strategy can help maintain competitive advantage and create value to shareholders.

We can work with you on your supply chain design, business restructuring, system implications, transfer pricing, direct and indirect tax, customs and accounting. We can help you build and implement the structure that makes sense for your business, improve your processes and manage the cost of trade.

We can help you review, document, manage and defend your transfer pricing policies and processes – aligning them with your business strategy. Whether you are changing business structures or models, managing the impact of major transactions or negotiating with the tax authorities, we bring you a local perspective based on our extensive experience of what really works locally.

Our team has backgrounds in tax law, business, and economics. We deploy those skills to build the proactive, pragmatic and integrated strategies that address the tax risk of today’s businesses and help your business achieve its goals. 

  • Customs

In today’s global economy, moving goods cross-border can be complex and costly. More than ever, effective management of customs issues is crucial to maintaining competitive advantage. Increasing trade volumes together with greater scrutiny of cross border flows and a focus on compliance with export controls and import regulations can combine to create significant challenges to your supply chain.

Our customs team can help you operate more effectively in moving goods in and out of Vietnam. We can develop and implement strategies to help you to manage duty costs by utilising free trade agreements, preferential tariff, and transactional structuring. We can help you proactively manage the risks of cross-border trading, improve your compliance with local customs requirements and increase the operational effectiveness of your supply chains. Our customs services include strategic planning to manage customs duties; customs compliance for imports and exports; internal controls and process improvement.

Our customs team can help you manage customs declarations, audit, inspection and review product classifications and valuations, and evaluate import/export documentation, to give you the perspective and support you need to manage your custom duties effectively.

  • Tax Process Improvement

Modern tax functions have increased significantly in recent years due to increased regulation, corporate governance, transparency, and the scarce resources facing today’s corporate leadership. Your business may need to respond to these challenges effectively manage the competing responsibilities amongst the stakeholders, while delivering enhanced performance not just in the tax functions but across the wider business.

Our Tax Process Improvement Services helps you meet these challenges and achieve enhanced performance. Our team can help you build a robust tax compliance and reporting process, and effective risk management protocols to achieve your goals. We have experience delivering projects to companies of all sizes across all stages of the tax life cycle including planning, provision, compliance and controversy. We can help enhance the performance of your tax functions.

  • Tax Dispute Resolution and Controversy

The changing global economic environment and its impact on profits are increasing the tax pressure on companies. These are bringing in increasing connections between managing business and its profits and effective tax rate.  A company’s taxation affairs is now attracting attention than ever, not only by its management but also by other stakeholders such as shareholders, tax authorities and regulators, the media and other industry observers etc.

Tax authorities in Vietnam are under increasing pressures to generate tax revenue through increases in tax audit and inspection activities across the country and economic sectors, and all types of taxes.  These are resulting in more frequent tax audits and investigations, excessive tax adjustments, and increased potential for penalties. It is therefore important to approach tax issues proactively and be ready for a tax audit or investigation.

An appropriate response strategy is critical for any tax audit and inspection.  The lack of an effective strategy for tackling potential tax disputes can lead to uncertainties, inefficiencies and lost opportunities. When your business is under the tax authorities’ radar, will you be ready to tackle a tax dispute effectively to achieve its best possible outcome?

We have the right expertise and experience to help you manage and take control of your tax disputes and controversy effectively. We deliver more than a service – we deliver tangible value and results.

We help companies protect against, prepare for, and respond to, challenges by the tax authorities. Our tax professionals are experienced in all phases of the tax dispute process from pre-transaction analysis, implementation and documentation, to handling disputes. We can help you mitigate the risk of a challenge by the tax authorities and to proactively resolve issues that may ultimately become the subject of a tax dispute.

We can work with the tax authorities on your behalf to articulate your specific tax issues and positions, clarify your commercial objectives, and achieve a favourable outcome. We focus on proactive self-assessment and transparency to help you properly and consistently file your returns and prepare the relevant back-up documentation to defend your tax positions, and proactively address the inherent tax uncertainties to achieve the best possible outcome.

By leveraging our in-depth technical expertise, excellent working relationships with tax authorities, and extensive experience of how they work, we anticipate their focus and responses to help proactively prevent and resolve complex tax issues.  However, when those issues escalate to a dispute, we can also help you manage it effectively and efficiently.

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