News letters

Vietnam topics:

  1. Vietnam Tax Update 2022 (slide-desk for CPA Australia Member Tax Update)
  2. Dealing with Vietnam cashflow issues during COVID-time – Kreston Global
  3. Taxation of e-commerce in Vietnam – What you need to know – Kreston Global
  4. Taxation of e-commerce in Vietnam – Part II – Kreston Global
  5. Taxation of e-commerce in Vietnam – Part III – Kreston Global
  6. One-page company tax guide
  7. Fund repatriation from Vietnam and tax implications
  8. Vietnam Tax Update 2021 (slide-desk for CPA Australia Member Tax Update)
  9. Making the difference – Accounting tailored for Vietnam’s startup miracle
  10. Transfer Pricing in Vietnam – Potential high cost of overlooking local norms

Global hot topics:

  1. What will accounting look like in 2071? – Kreston Global
  2. Accounting and auditing for cryptocurrencies – Kreston Global
  3. Q&A with Professor Alnoor Bhimani (about digitalisation and the future of accountancy) – Kreston Global
  4. Will developing countries block the G7 minimum tax deal? – Kreston Global
  5. AI and the future of accountancy – Kreston Global
  6. New kids on the blockchain – why SMEs should be at the forefront of emerging tech – Kreston Global
  7. Is globalisation going digital? – Kreston Global
  8. Financial Management: Empathy as an antidote to uncertainty – Kreston Global
  9. Updates to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) in Q2 2021 – Kreston Global
  10. The impact of COVID-19 on transfer pricing – Kreston Global
  11. Practical Application of the Arm’s Length Principle in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic – Kreston Global
  12. New Digital Service Tax – how will it affect the SME market? – Kreston Global
  13. BEPS, transfer pricing and digitalisation likely to dominate the tax landscape for the next two years – Kreston Global
  14. Online learning is booming. Here’s what we can learn – Kreston Global

Covid-19 related thought leadership topics:

  1. 2021 – The year that changes everything? – Kreston Global
  2. How COVID challenges our professional ethics – Kreston Global
  3. What to drop in 2021 – Kreston Global
  4. How to return to the office after Covid – Kreston Global
  5. Returning to your office, but not to normal – Kreston Global
  6. ‘Location doesn’t matter any more’: How Coronavirus is changing accountancy – Kreston Global
  7. How to run an outstanding webinar – again and again – Kreston Global
  8. The way you manage staff must change during COVID-19. Here’s how – Kreston Global
  9. 4 ways to strengthen yourself and your firm during COVID-19 – Kreston Global
  10. 4 ways to onboard new staff while working remotely – Kreston Global
  11. 7 ways to recognise your remote staff – Kreston Global
  12. How to help staff with career progression during Coronavirus – Kreston Global
  13. How to build long-term resilience for your firm – Kreston Global
  14. The leadership struggle most people never acknowledge – Kreston Global
  15. How we empowered our staff with a strong vision – Kreston Global
  16. Being Prepared: Business Continuity for you and your clients – Kreston Global

Other publications and resources:

  1. International Tax Specialist Group (ITGS) – Global Corporate Tax Guide
  2. Quick guide for doing business in Vietnam
  3. 10 ways to avoid tax disputes in Vietnam
  4. Business problems = people problems – Kreston Global
  5. 3 ways to nurture your future leaders – Kreston Global
  6. 3 tips to improve your succession planning – Kreston Global
  7. Why succession planning is crucial for your firm’s future – Kreston Global
  8. How to show you deliver better quality than your competitors – Kreston Global
  9. Two ways to gain a competitive advantage – Kreston Global

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